Gun homicides and nonfatal shootings in America are disproportionately concentrated in urban areas, particularly in underserved communities of color. Nationally, young people experience the highest gun death rate of all age groups, and black and brown communities, including Little Haiti and the surrounding areas, suffer a disproportionate impact. Compared to other developed nations, this rate of lethal gun violence is significantly higher in the United States. Reducing all forms of gun violence requires safety education, positive alternatives to gangs and  reducing the easy availability of guns.


When an individual is victimized by gun violence, it increases the likelihood that they will be victimized again and/or become a perpetrator of gun violence themselves, continuing the cycle of violence. Our Gun Violence Prevention program targets community-based violence in an attempt to break the cycle of violence. 

These strategies include, therapy, safety education, mentorship and street outreach – all designed to minimize juvenile delinquency and reduce gun violence in our neighborhood.

The mentorship component of the program, seeks to provide opportunities for youth at the highest risk for gang involvement. This includes mentorship and internships with local business leaders, learning skills and trades, and inspirational field trips to fortune 500 facilities.

This program is in partnership with our local Police Department, Business Leaders and our KAPPA Mentorship Program.